Saturday, April 1, 2023

Monolith (2022) Overlook Film Festival 2023


A disgraced reporter turns to podcasting in the hope of revitalizing her career. Delving into unexplained mysteries she discovers the story of mysterious black bricks which are causing havoc in people’s lives.

I must apologize for the above description of the plot sounding like every other one you may have run across but there is only so much I can say without saying too much.

Minimalist scifi thriller is largely simply Lily Sullivan in a room alone talking on the phone or threw the computer. She is staying at her parents home while they are away and she comes into contact with people only through electronics. Yes we hear the people she is speaking with and others in videos she sees, but this film is otherwise Sullivan all the time.

Playing almost like an audio drama this is a film where the stories we hear build the suspense and the fear. Everything we are being told through the first half to the first two thirds of the film rachet up the suspense as we go down a rabbit hole and aren’t certain what we are going to find at the other end. There is a point where we really don’t now what is going to happen and we delightfully are willing to go with it anywhere.

The question with MONOLITH is going to be how are you going to feel once the film starts answering many of the questions it is raising.  Does what is in your mind match what we are being shown.  Personally I’m not sure what I think. I do know that the film so beautifully sets the table that I’m not certain the meal that follows lives up to the buildup. What happens isn’t bad, it just isn’t as good as the things that were rolling through our minds.

Disappoint in the ending aside I liked MONOLITH a great deal, and as such it’s worth a look

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