Saturday, April 8, 2023

Tommy Guns (2022) plays NDNF 2023 today and opens April 12

A group of soldiers during the Portuguese occupation of Angola find that things are turning against them and that their efforts to retreat of a place of safety have put them into danger.

Allegorical exploration of occupation starts off as a straightforward tale of how occupiers and colonizers interact with the indigenous population and then takes a turn toward the nightmare as the film becomes more like a horror film with surreal touches.

I like a lot of TOMMY GUNS. There is a great deal to be said about the craft of the film and some of it’s nightmarish sequences get under you skin more than many straight horror films. The problem for me is that the film is trying very hard to make a point  and trying even harder to shock. The moment half an hour in when a soldier prays and then just shoots the woman he was, with while unexpected, felt like it was there just to get a rise out of the audience. The idea of taking the goods of a country and the leaving it dead was a bit too heavy handed for my tastes.

Still TOMMY GUNS packs a punch and is worth a look.

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