Wednesday, April 19, 2023

Abruptio (2023) Panic Fest 2023 Fantaspoa 2023


I completely missed ABRUPTIO until Liz Whittemore DM’d me to say she was being really bothered by the film. I instantly went and tracked it down and now I kind of never want to see it again.

This is the story of a down on his luck guy who ends up with a small bomb placed in his neck. If he doesn’t do the tasks given him, the mysterious people following him will cause the bomb to explode.  The tasks are a series of horrible acts that leave a trail of bodies in his wake, and result in our hero being richly rewarded.

This is as bleak and black a film as they come. It’s a film that posits a world of ugliness and cruelty where we are not in control and the only way to get ahead is to do the most horrible things.  It is deeply disturbing.

The disturbing nature of the film is enhanced by the fact the whole film is told via life size puppets. It may sound like a weird thing to do, but the truth of the matter is there is a very good reason beyond the obvious notion that it shows we are not in control. The payoff is in the final minutes and it’s a  genuine “whoa” moment.

Watching the film is like being strapped into a chair and watching a slow motion car crash. You want to get up and walk away but you can’t. You can’t look away as the turn of events keeps getting worse and worse. It is a dark and nightmarish place that I didn’t like to be in. (that’s a rave)

Absolutely not for anyone looking for a safe Hollywood film, this is a one of a kind film that will leave you battered and bothered.

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