Sunday, April 30, 2023


CEMETERY of CINEMA is the story of filmmaker traveling across his home country of Guinea, other places in Africa and finally France. He is looking for a print of MOURAMANI which is supposed to have been the first film shot in his country by filmmaker Thierno Souleymane Diallo 

I absolutely love most of this film. The film is not only a glorious celebration of cinema, but also kick ass history of Guinea. It may seem unexpected but in looking for the film and what may have happened to it we are required to look into the history of his country since the societal shifts may have been responsible for the films disappearance and perhaps indicating a possible hiding place for it. The result of all the searching is a series of conversations and encounters that open up our eyes with unexpected turns.

What an absolute joy.

As much as I love the actual searching and encounters I’m mixed on some of the flourishes that director Diallo inserts into the film. There is a lot sequences where  he walks from place to place that wear thin rather quickly. Other bits add coloring but don’t need to be there.

Over all though this is a must for anyone who loves cinema and those looking for its importance to the culture of a country. This film makes clear that our heritage shouldn’t be allowed disappear.


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