Monday, April 17, 2023

Plan 75 (2022) opens Friday


Plan 75 is a bleak little film.

Spinning off from a short film the director made for a film about the future of Japan, the film concerns the Japanese government creating the title plan which entails convincing anyone over 75 that they should commit suicide to help the younger generations. If they will end their lives they will get a small stipend and arrange to go with their friends.  The film follows a woman who makes the decision to end her life, one of the salesman who ends up rattled when a relative signs up to die and a young woman whose job it is to sort through the possessions of the deceased.

There is much to think about here. The whole question of suicide is complicated by the notion of the “greater” good. Is it really for the greater good especially when the people involved are nominally healthy. Are we on the way to something like Logan’s Run where people are forced to die?

While I like the film on it’s own terms is that it doesn’t ask any questions many people have already asked. While the film does show us what the effect of the law would be on people who “work in  the industry” it doesn’t give us any answers we didn’t think of beforehand.

On the other hand the film is deeply moving.

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