Sunday, April 23, 2023

Hideout (2023)Fantaspoa 2023


Hideout just misses.

The story of a get rich quick scheme involving a briefcase full of cocaine that goes horribly wrong the film is never really compelling.

The problem with the film never wholly feels real. The characters feel like someone’s idea of what characters would be in a crime drama instead of actual people. That might have worked if there was a real sense of urgency to the proceedings but we never feel that. This feels like just a bunch of people interacting over criminal matters instead of people doing illegal things that will result in a bunch of them dying. While I appreciate the film trying to simply make events seem like they are just part of life, the fact that there is no real effort to be a crime drama works against this film. The film looks like a family drama is going to break out at any moment instead of an act of violence so we never feel the need to lean in.

While I think the script works, I’m not sure the directorial choices do.

A rare Fantaspoa miss

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