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Nightcap 4/16/23: Old School Kung Fu, We Are Going to Tribeca (and other festivals,), Bolting Twitter? , and this is the week I review the final THE WEEK I REVIEW


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In what is supposed to be a quiet period a lot of stuff is going on….


Subway Cinema’s Old School Kung Fu Fest returns for two weekends of films at the Metrograph in NYC and on line.  Our coverage will be running closer to each weekend as we look at some of the films playing days after.

The big film of the festival is the documentary KING OF WUXIA. The film is an almost four hour look at the career of King Hu who was the director who revinvented martial arts films into what we think of today. The film is everything you ever wanted to know about the man told by the people who knew him. It’s a wonderful film that is just getting a single screening Friday night so if you want to see it  clear the decks and go.


Both Ariela and myself have been accredited for June’s Tribeca Film Festival, so expect a lot of coverage from both of us, and from Liz Whittemore since we will be sharing posts with Reel News Daily again.


Look for a bunch of coverage of Hot Docs at the end of the month. The curtain raiser will have a ton of links to what we covered previously and then look for a lot more reviews after that.


I will be the Riverside Drive-in’s April Ghouls Monster-rama the final weekend of April, so look for reports from the road.


Cabane A Sange has announced it’s slate for their fest next month and I’m working on getting coverage.

If you are on Montreal you need to go because this is absolutely the best programmed festival I have ever seen. There is almost never a bad film.


A couple weeks back I spoke of slowing down and stepping away for a bit.  As it stands now that’s going to continue to Tribeca and the kick off of the summer festival season. Yes there will be  films every day, but there is going to be catch up post of recent films as well as some old stuff. This will all be supplemented by some new releases and festival coverage.


Because everyone is once more talking of bolting Twitter because Elon Musk continues to prove he knows nothing except how to spend money poorly, I just want to say I’m not leaving it just yet. Yes it maybe a cesspit of misinformation thanks to it’s out of touch with reality CEO, but it’s still the only game in town since everyone who left ended up scattered. If I end up jumping I’ll let you know.


Finally tonight, yesterday marked the final episode of Unseen Films friend and contributor Alec Kubas-Meyer's final THE WEEK I REVIEW.  It's an absolute loss since over the last five years he has turned out some wonderful pieces on all sorts of subjects from films, books,plays, social movements and vasectomies as well as other things. It's a something that took him to London where he did a live version of a show...It opened all sorts of doors for him... and now because the one man operation takes so much time he is putting it to bed. 

Officially he says he's done, unofficially I wouldn't be surprised if episodes occasionally pop up. 

This final episode is on EVERYTHING EVERYWHERE ALL AT ONCE, which could have been the name of the series since if you've ever seen the series you understand that Alec was always connecting things up that didn't seem connected until you realized they were.

Here is the final episode, it's one of Alec's best. It is also his longest running a solid 80 minutes. Don't let that scare you since the episode moves like the wind and covers a lot of ground most of which will probably be unexpected. 

When you realize that you do like what Alec has done there is five years worth of videos to go back through and enjoy. 

A quick note: lot of the longer pieces are better because they allow Alec to go where ever his mind takes him. Additionally as good as the film reviews are I like a lot of the ones that aren't seemingly just reviews but on subjects because again Alec can go everywhere. (It's the fact that Alec is going everywhere all at once was what made the series so much fun)

If you are like me, and have been following along for years you will be sad because in theory there will be no more of these videos, on the other hand one never knows. If you are just discovering Alec, then you have a lot to watch and enjoy.

While I feel bad for all of you because there will be no more, I have Alec's phone number and email address so anytime I need a jolt of THE WEEK I REVIEW I can call him and ask to for to lunch or dinner which always ends up being like the series one on one, which is probably more fun because I get to ask him questions and send him spinning in new directions. 

Now do yourself a favor, go get some popcorn and a beverage of choice and come back here and hit play. You will thank me later.

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