Sunday, April 2, 2023

GIVE ME AN A (2023) Overlook Film Festival

Angry genre anthology made in reaction to the ending of Rowe V Wade.  It’s 15 short films and a wrap around piece of a cheerleader squad dancing.

One of the more uneven anthology films I’ve run across, GIVE ME AN A is a very mixed bag. Starting off with the very strong VOICELESS (a body horror tale that will curl your toes) the film then goes from pillar to post  for the remaining 90 minutes as moving pieces mix with screams of blood curdling rage. While all of the films are well made the rage frequently over whelms everything making them difficult to watch. I got to a point where I got tired of being yelled  at.  This is not to short change the cries of anger, more that it makes the film difficult to watch which will not change anyone’s mind.

I think I would have liked this film more if the films had been released separately as shorts instead of  strung together. (or perhaps if each had their own opening and closing credits so it played like a short film collection). The problem is that the cumulative effect of each film building on the next doesn't allow each film to stand on it's own and the rage is magnified making each piece harder to take on its own terms.

Definitely worth a look for the interested, though it maybe best seen in small bits.

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  1. I’d like it better if Women’s rights and reproductive rights weren’t taken away so maybe just take the hour and a half that’s difficult for you while a whole lot of others people are living a 24:7 nightmare.