Sunday, April 16, 2023

Minnesota Mean (2023) Minneapolis St. Paul International Film Festival 2023 Florida Film Festival 2023 Sunscreen Film Festival 2023


Minnesota Mean is the story of the women on the Minnesota Roller Girls Roller Derby Squad. We follow them over the course of the season as the make an improbable run at the championship.

I love roller derby. I used to go with my family to two of the local roller derby teams regularly, even to the point that we had season passes for a couple of seasons. Going to watch the women skate is a great deal of fun (and no offense to the filmmakers, something you need to see in person because no film can really capture what a match is like.)

What I absolutely love about this film and what makes me want to show it to my niece is that it shows a bunch of really kick as woman doing something they love and end up being better for it. This film shows how these woman come together to kick ass and find  a family which allows them to be more than they ever imagined by finding the greatness that was always inside of them.

What an absolute joy.

This is my favorite sort of film, good time with great people.

Absolutely worth a look.

The film just premiered at the Minneapolis St. Paul International Film Festival.  It plays April 15th, at the Florida Film Festival on April 17th and Sunscreen Film Festival on April 29th

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