Saturday, May 20, 2023

Fanny The Right To Rock (2021) hits PBS Monday

As the all female rock band Fanny reforms to record their first album in decades  they and their admirers discuss the group and their place in Rock history. The first all female group where the women could actually play their instruments well, Fanny influenced generations of female rockers. Everyone saw what they were doing and realized that they could do the same thing as well.

This is a really good doc on a seemingly lost group of rock pioneers. While I was familiar with some of their music I wasn’t really familiar with the ladies themselves, having been raised on the music of the women who followed in their wake. As a result watching this film was like having a little light go on and I got to see where and how so many other rockers, male and female, took things from the group and built on it.

What a delight.

Highly recommended when the film hits PBS

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