Sunday, May 7, 2023

Nightcap 5/7/23- May Update and short reviews

Just a quick update for May.

First I’m still trying to do some coasting this month. While I am aiming to see more than I did last month when I was taking the month off until Hot Docs, I’m actually looking to do more but I’m still aiming to chill until the Tribeca wave really hits.

As it stands now I will have coverage of Cabane A Sange, Human Rights Watch, NYC, Cannes, as well as a couple of other fests. I will be posting reviews this week of the films I saw last weekend at April Ghouls Drive-in Monster-ama (except CHOPPING MALL, which is a Turkey for Thanksgiving Week). I’m going to have lots of reposts this month and a bunch of new releases, though not as much as I'd like.

I am triaging what I’m seeing and not trying to do everything that was just sent to me.

I will say I did see the following films and while I’m not going to do full reviews I find I would like to mention them

I'LL BE WATCHING is a good home invasion/stalker film. I tend not to like these films because there is a sameness to them, but as these films go it was pretty good.

SPACE WAR is a really nice throwback to scifi films of old. It has a nice retro feel to it and if I had seen it when I wasn’t burned out I would have really been singing its praises.

UNCONDITIONAL is floating around PBS. It’s a really good look at the way families support each other in illness and when there are mental issues. Its definitely worth a look.

ANXIOUS NATION is a good look at mental health issues in America. I liked it but I won’t do a full review because my quibbles with the film will make it seem like I’m savaging the film which isn’t the case.

HELL’S HALF ACRE is about a bunch of a group of urban explorers with a You Tube channel who go into a prison and find that there are dark forces lurking. Yes we’ve been here any number of time before so this seems old hat, but allowing for the familiarity this time out of the box is pretty good. To be certain it doesn’t reinvent the sub-genre but it does entertain, which in my book is enough.

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