Friday, May 12, 2023

Maniac Cop (1986) Drive In Monster-rama

Larry Cohen writes and William Lustig directs the story of a crazed ex-cop who is savaged in prison, believed to be dead, but recovers and returns to NYC to kill the people who set him up.

Rambling, all over the place horror film stars Tom Atkins and Bruce Campbell as cops trying to hunt down the crazed killer. It’s a film that is completely over the top and a great deal of fun.

While the film only spawned two sequels, the film actually has rightly generated a large cult following. While seeming to be aware that the film is nonsense, the film always takes things seriously. Sure it’s set in NYC and obviously filmed in LA, but it somehow makes it work. It a popcorn sort of a film that you sit down watch because you can turn your brain off and just go with the madness on the screen.

High art?

You’re joking right?

Great fun?


This film is a delight.

Highly recommended.

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