Friday, May 26, 2023

Cabane A Sang's Party Pooper Spectacular

Tonight is the Party Pooper winners and it’s going to make your jaw drop.

It’s a wild group of films made by people who answered Cabane A Sang’s call for films so expect the technical quality to run the gamut while enjoyment factor is pegged at the top of the chart. They had to make a film on the theme of SEXY, that ran under five minutes and cost less than 200 bucks...

I’ve seen the group of films and they are wild and crazy and absolutely positively not for kids or more importantly not for the faint of heart. I say that because these films are off color, gory and certain to provoke a reaction.  You will be laughing uncomfortably, getting grossed out and admiring the filmmakers ability to just go for it in ways that most filmmakers never could.

Oh to be a fly on the wall or in the middle of the theater when these babies unspool.

The winners are going to to preceded by an hour long collection of films from the Mixed Meats section of the festival.  The films (some of which are represented by the art for this post) are some of the best films of the festival are worth the price admission alone and they deserve more than a tossed off line or two... And I'm not writing them up because I don't want to ruin them.

As for the films in the competition they are super bunch of films and these are some of the best:

A guy getting ready to spend an afternoon with a porn tape keeps getting interrupted. Hysterically funny in a completely wrong sort of way.

Monster speed dating goes horribly wrong...and as a result you will be doubled over with laughter.

A woman becomes fascinated with menstrual blood and sex.

A man calls a "freaky escort agency.
Uncomfortably funny tale of love gone wrong.

A woman is trapped ona ski lift with an unsexy guy feeling frisky.

A young girl and a young boy and a bloody ending

A big guy goes hunting...and I am not telling

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