Saturday, May 13, 2023

Three films playing this weekend MOM AND DAD'S NIPPLE FACTORY, ANU and CURSE OF WOLF MOUNTAIN

Portrait of Brian and Nancy and their family who started to make prosthetic nipples for women after Randi got breast cancer. This is a good smile producing documentary about a seemingly off kilter subject. While the film is quite enjoyable, it also kind of makes me wish it was tonally less similar to other off kilter subject films that take a lighthearted look at the subject.  Reservation aside it’s worth a look.

After the death of her grandfather, a young girl believes that he is going to reincarnate.

Lovely little coming of age film is wonderful look at family we don’t usually see put front and center in an American film, specifically a Hindu one. While the film isn’t going to rock the pillars of heaven as the next big thing it is going to entertain

A revisits the place where his parents were killed with his brother and their family and finds that there is something in the woods. Hitting all of the ticky boxes of low budget thrillers  this is a good but unremarkable film that isn’t anything we haven’t seen before. While the set up seems to indicate that this might be going into unexplored territory it quickly gets back on the familiar road. While the result isn’t bad, it isn’t anything you’ll remember 20 minutes after the end credits roll

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