Saturday, May 6, 2023

Silent Madness (1984) Drive In Monster-rama


Closing film of the April Ghouls Drive In Monsterama in Vandergrift Pa. is a mad man on the loose tale about a computer/clerical error that puts a mad killer back on the streets. When a new psychiatrist realizes the mistake her bosses deny it, saying he actually died. But he went back to his old home and once more begins stalking the sorority girls he once targeted.

Surprisingly good horror film has unfairly been lost to most horror movie fans. Well done on pretty much every level the film starts and then just goes straight on too the end. The film is suspenseful in all the right ways with the kills being occasionally atypical.

What I like about the film is that unlike many slasher films there is not an effort to make he killer into a super human machine. He is ultimately just a guy so there is no gotcha ending .

Because this was going to be the final film at Monster-rama I actually watched the film on Tubi since I know that there was no way I was going to make the screening at the drive -in, or at least be awake for it. Had I seen it at 3 am I probably would have fallen asleep during some of the exposition scenes.  That’s not a knock on the film, which I like and which I’m going to get a copy of, rather it’s a statement that the film should not be seen in the wee hours after two days of films.


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