Tuesday, May 16, 2023

Its Quiet In The Twilight (2022) hits VOD Friday

I loved this film.

This is a love sletter to the Voyager program.  The program launched two space probes into deep orbit in 1977. The probes changed the way we see the universe  changing pretty much everything we know with each transmission back to earth. It is a mission no one expected to last so long (which explains why the crew is now is shunted off to an office a distance from the main space agency)

I don't know what to say but this film is magical. Yea I'm a space kid and this stuff is like manna from heaven, but at the same time this story of the probes and the people who have watched over them for almost 5 decades is just good time with great people.  I started the film and was a bit grumpy figuring it was going to be run of the mill and instead I started to smile and fell into its specialness.

What an absolute delight.

Highly recommended.

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