Thursday, May 18, 2023

Museum of the Revolution (2022) opens tomorrow

Museum of the Revolution is a film you want to see on a big screen. It’s a visually visceral film where the images create a sense of place. Even seeing the film on a screener at home I was taken out of my surroundings and dropped into another place. It’s a film that is going to haunt you.

The title of the film refers to a museum planned for Belgrade in the then Yugoslavia. It was going to be a grand testament to the creation of the country in the revolution…but they never got past building the cellar before Yugoslavia collapsed and the resulting countries were formed not wanting any part of the country that had bound them together. The Basement is now home to cast offs who use it as shelter as they try to make a living.

Focusing on a mother and a daughter who make a living cleaning car windshields or any way they can the film observes them as they go through their day. There is no judgement just life, theirs and the life of the city and society just beyond their reach. It’s a moving portrait that gets under your skin and ends up being carried along with you.

While there is some talking, the parts that are going to hang with you are the things unsaid. I’m not talking about the stunning amges, but rather the looks and gestures of the people on screen. What we see behind their eyes is infinitely more powerful than anything that is said.

I was moved.

This is a film you are going to track down since MUSEUM OF THE REVOLUTION is a true hidden gem of a film.

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