Saturday, January 27, 2024

ALL I'VE GOT AND THEN SOME (2024) Slamdance 2024

Reality collides with fiction as stand up comic living in his car books a paying gig and then has the day completely sideways.

Rasheed Stephens and Tehben Dean have made a raw real and moving film. More often then not it feels like a documentary then a narrative film and we are better for it since it closes the distance between the characters and the audience.

This is a true inde film. Jagged and occasionally unpolished there is an immediacy that we almost never get in big festival films. Some of the characters are not crafted but lived in. This feels like the directors just brought their friends in an let them be. The result is a film that is very much alive.

And while much of this is amusing, there is a nasty sting in the tail, Rasheed's stand up is based on his life and there are catch in your throat moments where we hear the audience laughing at a joke that isn't really a joke. By the end of the film I found I was deeply moved.

If you miss the days of when inde films had a DIY quality and an edge ALL I"VE GOT AND THEN SOME is for you

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