Friday, January 19, 2024

One Bullet (2023) Slamdance 2024

This is the 15 year story of filmmaker Carol Dysinger who went to Afghanistan to track down the story behind a phot of young man who was shot  by a single bullet outside his home. It resulted in a deep friendship with the young man's mother.

The film begins as a kind of police procedural as Dysinger follows some American soldiers as they investigate the shooting. If the person who did the shooting the family would get a pay out. When she interviews the boy's mother, Bibi Hajji, a connection was formed. Over the course of the film we watch as the women build bridges between themselves and their worlds.

I was not really in love with the film at the start. I thought the procedural portion of the film was too by the numbers. I never connected. However once Carol meets Bibi  the film flipped and I was hooked for the long haul. 

This is a great film. This truly is a film that shows us life during war time that isn't about war. It's about the cost and aftermath of armed conflict on regular people. It's a film that really shows us the effect of one death on a family and how you never get over it.

I was moved to tears several times because for the first time we are truly forced to see the pain and suffering too many people are being forced to experience. This is a vital and important film that transcends being just about the conflict in Afghanistan, but all the conflicts happening everywhere across the globe. In an age where more people think violence is the way to go go, ONE BULLET makes us understand that that the pain and suffering that results is much too high a cost.

Highly recommended.

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