Friday, January 19, 2024

NINA IS AN ATHLETE (2024) Slamdance 2024

This is a portrait of Nina Gorodetsky a world champion badminton player. As she heads toward her first, and possibly last, Paralympics in Tokyo she also has to consider that at 40, she maybe running out of time to have a second child.

This is a very good look at what it means to be a top athlete who has to decide how to order the things that are important to her in life. While the fact that Nina is in a wheelchair colors the story, the truth is that this is, unfortunately a choice that many women have to make. 

Is it possible to do everything? Nina is going to give it a try, and the result is an engaging sports biography that lifts us up and carries us along.

This is not your typical by the numbers tale and as such it's absolutely worth your time.

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