Tuesday, January 30, 2024

Equalizer 3 (2023)

Denzel Washington's Robert McCall finds a home in Sicily and has to fight the bad men who want to hurt the people he loves.

Not what you expect film is the closing of the cinematic EQUALIZER saga. Not so much an action film but a meditation on life and the place we belong. While things happen in the first half of the film, much of it is happening around McCall instead of to him. Of course there is the point where he has to step up and take action and he clears the table.

I really like this film. I like the change of pace. While I think that the film doesn’t completely work narratively, emotionally the film is absolutely perfect. This is a film about McCalls path to redemption not the men he kills along the way. This was the case with the second film which was ultimately simply McCall coming to terms with the death of his wife and friends. Here he finds a place to come alive and to help the daughter of a friend.  The emotion is so perfect that the final sequence, which was supposed to happen earlier in the film, truly hits home and brings a tear to our eyes.

Highly recommended.

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