Monday, January 22, 2024

Mother Of All Lies(2023) Sundance 2024

This is a repost of my DOC NYC review

A young woman, her father an neighbors build a scale model of their neighborhood and use it to attempt to come to terms with the Riots of 1981.

This film is kick in the ass. It’s a film with a clever trick to suck us into it- which is to watch Amae El Moudir and her dad put the sets together for the film. We lean in as w try to really see what they are doing. At the same time we listen to them simply discuss what they are doing and get hooked as they turn that conversation into the story itself. By the time we realize what they did we are too far down the rabbit hole to ever turn back.

This is a magnificent film. It’s taking what could have been a run of the mill tale and turning it into an emotionally stunning (in the true sense of the word) film that gets under our skin and moves us.  If you want to know what the magic of the movies is all about see this film. I say that because through the use of sets, puppets, talking heads and genuine magic, THE MOTHER OF ALL LIES bypasses our heads and hearts and burns itself on our soul. It’s a film that shows us that there are no rules when making a film other than doing whatever is necessary to tell your story.

In al seriousness this is a film that anyone who loves film or the movies must see, even if they are not interested in the story because it is so amazing….so much so the story being told will move you

This is truly a great film- buy a ticket and see it.

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