Saturday, January 13, 2024

SUNDANCE 2024 Curtain Raiser

This is just a reminder that Sundance starts this week.  As I discussed ten days ago (see here) being uncredentialed potentially has hurt my ability  to cover the festival.  Not to worry though we will have coverage thanks to kindhearted souls and the help of Wendy Feinberg and Liz Whittemore. Coverage will hit when the embargoes fall.

As always there is a list of film that we think you should see:

HIT MAN  is Richard Linklater's latest. I saw this at the New York Film Festival and loved it. Its the story of a guy who helps the cops by pretending to be a hit man. It's a delight.

MOTHER OF ALL LIES is a killer doc about trying to come to terms with a long ago tragedy. It rocked my world when it played DOC NYC.

BAIGAL NUUR - LAKE BAIKAL is a hypnotic animated short. You need to see this in a dark theater and as big as you can.

THELMA is a joyous film about a senior citizen who decides to get the money that was stolen back.  June Squibb gives an Oscar worthy performance and she is supported by Richard Roundtree and Malcolm McDowell.

Full reviews and more films are coming so keep reading.

For information on the festival, including their pricey online version, go here

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