Tuesday, January 9, 2024

DRIVING MADELEINE (2023) opens Friday

DRIVING MADELINE  left me a teary mess. While the film follows some expected paths, it is so beautifully made and gloriously acted that you can not help but fall madly in love with everyone on screen.

The plot is simply a 92 year old woman hires a cab to take her to a nursing home. The driver  is a bit testy, and annoyed when she asks for a brief side trip to her old neighborhood. As she drifts back to the old days, they talk about life and love.

Nothing unexpected happens, except that the film worms its way into your heart and takes up residence,. This film is the very definition of movie magic. It’s a film that makes you wondrously alive. It’s a film that makes you want to reconnect to life.

What a joy.

Every year film critics bemoan January before Sundance as a time when they are forced to contend with mediocre films dumped as filler. I on the other hand love it because I get a jump on the great movies that I never would have noticed except for it being quiet. DRIVING MADELINE is one of the first great films of 2024. You need to see it and fall in love with it too.

Highly recommended.

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