Monday, January 22, 2024

DESIRE LINE (2024) Sundance 2024

DESIRE LINE is going to raise a lot of questions for pretty much anyone who sees it. The film is a look at who we are attracted to, specifically focusing on members of the trans community. It is a story of an Iranian American trans man on a quest to see what his sexual desires are.

I'm going to keep this piece short because the film raised a lot of things that I have to sort out. It also requires a lot of thinking in how I want to phrase my thoughts and with a short time to compose this piece during the flood of festival films I don't want the remarks to come off in correctly because I respect the film so much.

I really liked this film a great deal. If it wasn't already readily apparent I am going to need to do another pass by the film in order to full take in everything that is in it and to find the correct words to discuss it. There is a great deal here beyond the trans community and as such it made me think about who and what I want.

It should be noted, this film is not going to be for everyone. Those with a closed mind toward matters of sex and desire should not be seeing this film. If on the other hand you want a film that is going to open your mind, get into your heart and make you consider what you desire then this film is for you.  

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