Wednesday, January 10, 2024

STAY WITH US (2023) plays NYJFF 2024 January 11

Comedian Gad Elmaleh returns home to France after several years in America so that he can convert to Catholicism. This does not sit well with his very Jewish parents.

Absolutely lovely, not to mention charming and funny exploration of the road to who we are and our path to "god". Based on the director and stars own journey the film probably not what you expect. Neither overly serious nor overly light in tome Elmaleh instead opts for a middle ground where real revelations are found. As some one  who is in a constant battle with my thoughts about god and the universe I found the path revealed here to be absolutely enlightening.

More importantly I was entertained. I laughed and I smiled and I connected to everyone on screen. Watching the film I found myself wanting to to call friends and family to tell them they really needed to see this. This is a film that will stay in my heart not because of the themes it explores but because of the cinematic friends on the screen. I love the people before me and I want to revisit them.

Highly recommended.

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