Friday, January 26, 2024

Coven (2023) plays CBC TV Sunday January 28, 2024

A look at young women who are attempting to reclaim the word witch as something other as being something evil. They are seeking to return the notion of what a witch is back toward a healer and a spiritual person in touch with nature and the universe.

Coven is a good film. While it hues close to the expected course on the subject it still manages to throw its net wider than most similar studies by taking in related matters from other cultures. This is the sort of film that is going to find it’s audience among young women who are looking for outside of the so-called conventional spiritual channels.

If I am going to quibble about the film it’s going to be that while Laura who is the main focus of the film is a charming young woman we would follow anywhere, the fact that she has a “goth” like appearance is going to make some people think that the film is less than it is.  That would be a mistake on their part since this film has a great deal to say about the path to becoming one with the universe.


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