Tuesday, January 23, 2024

Reinas (2024)Sundance 2024

In the summer of 1982 Elena makes plans to take her daughters Lucia, Aurora,to the United States, however things become complicated when the girls' dad returns into their lives.

This is the sort of small gem that Unseen Films was created to highlight. A small joy of a film that is going to get over looked at a festival full of glitz and glamour like Sundance. This is a lovely little film about a family and the choices they make. 

I really liked this film a great deal. It's a wonderful slice of life that is full of life. To be certain it doesn't chart any new territory but being so full of such wonder characters you really won't care. From the opening where Carlos, the girls' dad spins tales about being an actor on to the final fade out you'll be hooked watching every one on screen. 

I know I'm not speaking of the deeper themes about living in a city in turmoil (Lima was in political turmoil and there was danger from authorities and the "terrorists" they were hunting), but that isn't what is important. Its the four people up front trying to decide how to make a better life for themselves.

If you need a small scale film to act as a palette cleanse from all the over hyped "big films" at Sundance REINAS is just the ticket.


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  1. Loved this film!! Heartwarming and emotional!! The acting was top notch, especially from the girls who played the two sisters!!!!