Saturday, January 27, 2024

SAVING ART (2023) Slamdance 2024

R. M. Moses has turned in one the great films of the year. I have no idea if it is technically the best made film, but  it has one of the great performances of the last decade or so and an emotional punch that will have you wiping away tears.

the plot of the plot of the film is simple, instead of telling his young son he has leukemia, Brian tells him the treatment will give him superpowers.

I'll leave it to you to discover the wonders.

This film is magnificent. It is full of love and bittersweet joy. It is a film about life and parents and the things they will do to make their children's life as pain free as possible.

That the film works as well as it does is due to the performance of Michael Salami as Brian. This is a god like performance where Salami lets it all bleed out. Every move every sentence, everything is simply for his son and we feel his pain. It doesn't matter if we have kids or not it's all up on the least until it bleeds out into the audience's heart. This is a towering performance that hopefully will be seen and make Salami a huge star.

You must see this film. It will rock your world.

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