Tuesday, January 16, 2024

Exposed: The Ghost Train Fire (2021)

This is a look at the Luna Park Fire in Australia in 1979. One night in 1979 the ghost train fire burst into flames so intense that many people were injured, 7 people dies. It was so bad that the car kept coming out of the still running fire as mini bonfires. It was blamed on an electrical short (which it couldn’t have been since the ride continued to run while burning. Year later something sinister was revealed.

This three part roughly live hour look at the tragedy is as detailed as they come no details have been over looked as we get to know the victims, the witnesses and the vile people who were responsible.  This is a terribly sad tale that will break your heart.

While this maybe the most detailed documentary I have ever seen on a true crime event. It lays everything, and I mean everything. This is both a good thing, in that it leaves no doubt as to who was behind the fire and bad in that the pacing can seem to drag at times. Don’t get me wrong, I loved the detail I just wished the editing was a bit snappier.

Pacing aside this Netflix series is a killer, and definitely worth a look.

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