Sunday, January 21, 2024

This Is a Story Without a Plan (2023) Slamdance 2024

This is a short animated film that is abosultely trippy. I would love to say something about the plot but as the title infers it’s kind of a freeform trip that we are left to take however we want to take.

This is the sort of film that reminds me, in the best way, of some of the films that I used to watch at midnight shows in the early 1980’s. They were head trips that made me wish I was taking something mind expanding (I never could because I was always driving).

There is a glorious tactile quality to the images that make it look like the images were formed using different materials. You feel like what you are watching is real and just happening past the window of the screen as if it were a world not like our own.

What an absolute joy.


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