Sunday, January 21, 2024

Brando With A Glass Eye (2024) Slamdance 2024

Yiannis Niarros stars as a method actor who resorts to robbery in order to go to New York to go to an audition at the Actor's Studio only to have it go wrong...and then it goes into unexpected directions.

This is a major coup for Slamdance. I'm truly shocked that this kick ass drama didn't end up at the flashier fest across town. I say that because Niarros gives a jaw dropping performance that is going to have him grabbed by Hollywood not long after the film screens for the first time.

Career making performance aside BRANDO WITH A GLASS EYE is a killer drama. Going in all sorts of directions the film hooks us early and carries us along. I was riveted, cursing the fact that I was not seeing this in a theater full people with whom I could tumble out of the the screening and then talk to about the film for an hour or so afterward. 

This is a film full of characters and life that worms its way into your soul. By the time the end came I was just staring at the screen delighting in the discovery of Niarros who just knocked it out of the park. It's a performance that transcends the material and makes it better, forcing us to go along just because his charisma and skill is so great we can't look away.

I was moved.

And this isn't to sell the script short, it's really good, with lots of twists and unexpected moments, but rather it's simply to say that Niarros lifts it all up.

Highly recommended this is a must see at Slamdance or where ever you can see it.

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