Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Falsified (2017)

In the running for an Oscar nomination FALSIFIED tells the story of an American man in London trying to contact the son who was taken from him at birth. The boy was part of the Spanish Baby scandal which had 300,000 children stolen from their parents at birth over 5 decades. The film portrayals the meeting of then man and the one he believes is his son.

Well made and beautifully acted FALSIFIED is a lovely film. It would make one hell of a feature film....

....and that is the major problem with it, this is not a whole film, rather it is part of a longer film. While the film most definitely has an ending  it doesn't really have a beginning coming into the action near the conclusion. It might have worked had the film given us some sort of background concerning the Baby scandal but we are dropped into the film and left to fend for ourselves. The result is a film where we can't help but feel, because we are missing something.

I loved what  is here but it doesn't satisfy.

On the other hand I would love to see this become a feature because what is here is awesome- it just needs more...

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