Saturday, December 23, 2017

My Nephew Emmett (2017)

My Nephew Emmett may be the most beautiful of all of the Oscar shortlisted films I’ve seen. A gorgeous haunting visual style adds a kick ass punch to what is already a devastating story. I would be shocked if the film doesn’t end up being one of the final nominees.

The film tells the story of Emmett Till, a black teen who was dragged out into the night and killed because he “whistled” at a white woman. Told from Till’s uncle’s perspective we watch as events unfold before him and take a tragic turn despite his efforts to stop them. This has always been a powerful tale but watching it unfold before us makes it all the more powerful. If you need any proof of why Till’s death helped spur on the Civil Rights movement one need just see this film.

This is a stunning film and one of the best of the Oscar short listed films. Definitely one to search out.

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