Monday, December 25, 2017

The LAST JEDI Tweets

Here are the series of tweets I made after seeing THE LAST JEDI- Let it serve as a review until I figure out if I want to do a full one.

I saw THE LAST JEDI and it is pretty okay.
It has two goosebump moments, a couple of chuckles, porgs, HUGE plot holes, a couple of WTF were they thinking moments and a not very good script.

I completely understand why people HATE the film
I completely understand why people LOVE the film.
I find the basic story line to fine it's the plotting beyond that which is a mess and the degree to which you accept the bumps and holes determines your love of the film

I don't think this is the middle of a trilogy but the end of a series of five (maybe six). I could walk away here and never look back
I could do that but the problem is so much has been left out of this film that it feels missing something

As much as I am neutral on the previous film at least that had plot details- this one just has motion and nothing but hope to support it. I mean that because if you think about any of the details the film will break apart

Debating writing a full on review of the film - but I'm not sure I want to waste the time because I would pull the film apart for no real purpose since I don't hate the film. Alternately I don't think anyone would care- or anyone who did would have thought of it already

Ultimately at this point Star Wars as we once thought of it is over and it's time to move on

One Addendum- Kylo Ren is a better character here- but definitely lacking the savvy to actually survive in his new role- he is still a child.

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