Sunday, January 7, 2024

The New York Jewish Film Festival starts Wednesday

 Wednesday is the start of the New York Jewish Film Festival, what is the first big festival of the year for me, and for a lot of other in the New York area. Yes, Palm Springs  starts just after New Year, and the dances, Slam and Sun, start in another week,  but those are on the far side of the continent at tourist destinations and are flashy. NYJFF on the other hand is showing meatier films that pack a real punch.

More importantly NYJFF always has at least one film that stays with me all year and ends up on my year end list. This year the film that is going to haunt me is ONE LIFE, the opening night film. In an age of hate this film about a man doing the right thing because it was the right thing rocked my world and had me sobbing.

NYJFF is looking to end hate and create better understanding between everyone and they do this by programming films that are really good and transcend their “Jewish” designation to be about the whole human condition. Yes they are frequently about the Jewish experience, but if you look at it, its really all of us.

If you want to see some really good films look over the schedule (it can be found here) and buy some tickets. Though I should warn you, a lot of people love NYJFF a great deal and many of the screenings sell out in advance, so if you look at the schedule and see something you like buy a ticket because there is a very good chance the screening you want to see will sell out otherwise.

As this posts I’m only a couple of films in. I’ve seen ONE LIFE, THE GOLDMAN CASE,FIORETTA, VISHNIAC, DELEGATION  and STAY WITH US . Reviews will post closer to each screening. (I've been asked to hold my review of THE GOLDMAN CASE until the fall)

And with that I’m going to point you in the direction of the festival website and tell you once again to look over the list of films and buy some tickets.

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