Saturday, March 23, 2024

A MOST ATROCIOUS THING (2024) Make Believe Film Festival 2024

Don't let the fact that is horror comedy only cost 5 grand to make influence your opinion, it would be still be amusing if it cost more. The only thing that extra money would have added would be minutes to the run time.

A bunch of friends head off into the woods for weekend hunting and carrying. However things take a turn for the worse when they eat tainted venison and are turned into blood thirsty killers.

You know we aren’t entirely serious territory when a film opens with a deer puppet drinking from a watering hole with a warning that the water is contaminated. Any remaining doubt is quickly put to rest when the silliness starts when we meet the human cast, and we realize that we are going to silly woods.

This is a low budget (the film cost 5 grand) film that is a lot of fun. Bloody and funny the film is more comedy than horror. Actually outside of the blood and the stereotypical horror set up there is no real horror just laughs. Unlike most recent similar films I’m perfectly fine with that because the film is genuinely funny. Too many filmmakers seem to be going into the realm of comedy to cover up the fact that they can’t make a good film so they go for laughs so we laugh at the cheapness/badness. That isn’t the case here since the jokes land and the filmmaking is good enough that everything else leans into making the film work.

I had a blast watching the film because everyone involved was too. More importantly everyone was leaning in and whispering to us “just go with it- we know what we are doing”.

A MOST ATROCIOUS THING  is a great deal of fun.


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