Sunday, March 10, 2024


Cinematic portrait of Alan St Georges and Adrianne, the love of his life. As he works to complete their castle like home, Havencrest, after her death he talks about their love and he recreates moments from their life together.

How you react to this film is going to depend upon how lost you get into the lives of Alan and Adrianne. This is is a very concentrated deep dive into their lives and their world which is kind of a work of art unto itself. It is a great deal of navel gazing that you either love or hate.

While I would have loved to to hang out with the pair and shot the breeze, I'm not certain I really needed a 90 minute look at the relationship. Yes, they were funny and charming, but twenty minutes in I started to become a curmudgeon. There simply wasn't enough here to stay connected, especially since the film doesn't really go anywhere.

While the film isn't bad, there is a point where I realized this would have been a glorious long short  instead of a feature film.

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