Thursday, March 21, 2024

Shorts One NYICFF 2024

Thoughts on the films that made up the Shorts One collection at NYICFF

his is a lovely little film about a baby and it’s mom out traveling around. Done in a style that makes thins expressionistic the film is destined to make you smile. Sitting in the SVA theater you could hear all the adult sighing in recognition.  This is an absolute delight.

Breaking the usual formula that many of the films that Julia Ocker’s film follow, this is the story of  a pufferfish trying to remain alive by inflating itself in the wake of danger, How it plays out is a delight. This is probably the best of Ocker’s films at this year’s NYICFF

A little fan plays with an origami swan.

When the film started I heard a could of kids mention that it seems to be a riff on LUXO JR, the Pixar film, however while the set up may seem similar, where the film goes is entirely different.

I had a great time with this film. It made me smile and laugh. I had such a good time with the film that I ended up talking to director Sveta Yuferova in the lobby after the screening for a good chunk of time. After I explained how much I liked the film and loved how the photorealitic animation had a weight to it that most  big budget features don’t have.  She then regaled me with the story of her seven year quest to finamce and create the film. My  mention of all of the easter eggs in the background resulted in her hinting at goodies hidden there as well as a discussion of the creation of the soundtrack which is full of all sorts of hidden audio treats including lions roars. (I would have recorded the “interview” except that it was an off the cuff and unexpected happening)

If you want to see a great little film check this film out.

This is an animated look at a young girls school note book and the doodles that come to life in it. Another delight.

This is a sweet film about a decked out young lady teaching herself to throw a lasso. It’s a wonderful that played in the front of some features at the fest.

A man named Edgar goes to a slaughterhouse and takes home a cow which he raises in his apartment.

This is a funny and thoughtful about the fangers of raising a cow in an apartment and about how we treat other living things. It’s sweet.

One of the joys of the collection and the festival is about a young girl sharing her lunch with friends.  This is such a delight  that I want to see director Kristina Pringle make a feature film. (This also played with other films at the festival)

Awesome film about a couple of crabs traveling across a hot beach. Along the way they become friends. 

Another great film (that’s so good it played before other films) this is another film I’d love to see expanded, I want to see what happens to the buddies next.

Based on a book this is the story of how a box went into and out of the lives of seven people and ended up bringing them together.  It’s a sweet little film that only suffers because of the company it keeps in the collection.

A pig and a cow go ice skating and discover some big fish under the ice.

I had no clue where this was going, but I was real curious as to where we would end up. The film has a wonderful through line punctuated by some great set pieces and some wickedly wonderful character animation. I mention this because  I want posters of some of the cow’s expressions which are very funny. (As I said to friends it has one of the greatest cartoon images of a goofy face I’ve ever seen)

Track this one down.

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