Sunday, March 31, 2024

The New Directors New Films 2024 Curtain Raiser.

This year’s annual meeting of the Museum of Modern Art and Film at Lincoln Center, New Directors New Films occurs this week. Highlighting the first works of up and coming directors from around the globe, the festival is a walk on the artistic side bringing a selection of soon to be art house favorites to the streets of New York.

Despte being connected to the Museum of Modern Art the festival doesn’t just highlight art films, this year’s opener is Aaron Schinberg‘s  A DIFFERENT MAN which was a huge hit at Sundance. In the past they launched the action classic THE RAID into the United States, but the truth is the fest does tend toward more upper crust films.  That may scare some people but good film  lovers almost always find something to fall madly in love with.

I love to see  as many of the films as I can. While I don’t always love everything I see, I do love the fact that I’m getting to see films that are more often than not giving us a new perspective on what cinema is. I love to get in on the ground floor of filmmakers who are going to be huge- and very often New Directors finds the next big director.

As this posts I've seen and written up 14 of the features screening and I may squeeze in a few more. I’ll have reviews dropping before the first screening of all the films so keep reading. If you are looking for some recommendations might I suggest

OMEN which is a supernatural tinged film about a man who returns home with his wife.

LOST COUNTRY a tale of lost innocence involving the son of the public face of notorious regime

OTRO SOL a good blending of truth and fiction about lost treasure and notorious thief.

MALU has an Oscar worthy performance by Yara De Novaes as a self-centered actress.

MEEZAN (SCALE) must be seen on  big screen with big sound. The story of the fishing community in city in Iran. This is as close to being there as you can get.

Take a look at the schedule and buy some tickets.

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