Saturday, March 23, 2024


The World According to Allee Willis is a magical film. The story of a woman who wrote some of the best known songs of the last 50 years, won Tonys, Grammies and other things. She started out poor and climbed to the top of the heap ending up in a house that would have (and did) make Pee Wee Herman envious). She was a crazy, lovely woman who influenced and delighted generations.

I fell madly in love with this film early. I never met Allee Willis but I have several friends who were/ are are soul sisters. One in particular was named Sally Willis, which was what the autogenerated subtitles on the print I was watching kept calling Allee. Watching the film I was spending time with an old friend I never met.

What makes the film work is that Willis filmed her life and as such we get to see the story through her eyes, yea, her friends and family talk about her, but mostly we see her being her wonderful self, the friends and family simply add slight shading and context (such as talking about her Tony Award winning work on the musical COLOR PURPLE)

Seeing the film after its premiere at SXSW I’m kind of left flabbergasted, how is it that this film not being talked about. This is wonderful celebration of a wonderful woman. It’s a film that will make you feel things and glues a big goofy smile on your face.  We should all be this lucky to have a film like this made about our lives.

I’ve seen this film a couple of times now and I had a blast each and every time… this is truly great time with a great person.

One of my favorite films of 2024 it is highly recommended.

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