Thursday, March 28, 2024

OLD ONES (2024)


OLD ONES is a trip through Lovecraft country with varying degrees of success.

The plot has long ago sacrificed  man named Marsh being pulled from a river by a father and son. When one of the old ones comes  out of the river and kills the father Marsh saves the boy and drags him along on a trip that crisscrosses through the lives of several Lovercraftian characters.

The basic story and execution is quite good. It’s nice to see  someone trying to do something with the Lovercraft mythos that is a kind of hybrid of the stories and something original.  Most films seem to be one or the other. The film also has everyone in the cast and crew invested. No one seems to be sleep walking through the events.

At the same time some of the effects are not pulled off perfectly. We can see that there are masks and prosthetics. While this would be fatal in most other films, the fact that the film is so filled with love we just nod and go with it.

I liked OLD ONES. It’s wonderfully free of pretensions and simply a film trying to be spooky

Worth a look

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