Tuesday, March 5, 2024


This is a Netflix look at the story of Henry Lee Lucas. Lucas has the reputation as being the most prolific serial killer in history. He got this title by confessing to hundreds of murders. Everyone was willing to believe him, and the Texas Rangers still do...despite the fact that it was physically impossible for Lucas to have committed most of the murders since he was somewhere else.

This look at a legendary killer is eye opening. While I knew some of this, some sides of the story, such as the Texas Rangers breaking into people's homes to steal material that showed that Lucas wasn't the killer, was new to me. I was shocked and it sent me looking for more information on the story.

If there is any problem is that is doesn't go hard enough toward how Lucas got away with his lies. While the Rangers get some blame, it there is a sense the filmmakers are still going soft. I was disappointed.

Still the series is compelling and as I said I went looking for more information

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