Friday, March 8, 2024

A pointer toward Seven Beats a Minute (2024) SXSW 2024

This is a look at champion freediver, Jessea Lu (Lu Wenjie). Lu dives untethered and without oxygen in an effort to see how far down she can go.

I'm not going to review this film. While it's a very good look at Liu, and while it has some truly stunning images, I find that I spent a large portion of my time watching the film unfairly comparing it to other films on free diving that I've seen. I'm a huge nerd for the sport and have been kind of obsessive about films on it since I saw Luc Besson's BIG BLUE.  Since my thoughts are tied up with a lot things that too many people will not relate to I'm going to back off and simply say that the film is very good and worth your time.

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