Sunday, March 31, 2024

The Company Called Glitch That Nobody and Everybody Wanted (2024)

A business man races to find funding for his start up company before a rival can stop him.

Set in a single day as our hero desperately tries to get the money need and deal with issues in his life this is a good little slice of life/thriller. Sure, we’ve seen variations on this sort of tale before, but not always as successful as this. The key to films like this working is we have to like the person at the center, and in this case, we do so we are willing to travel along for the ride.

If there is anything that is going to affect how you like this film, it is how the film is shot. Since this is a film that is series of conversations over either a cellphone, computer or other similar device, we are watching people who are not in the same location interact with each other. Director Graham Holliday largely forgoes(yea!) watching everyone as we see them on a screen and instead shoots everyone sitting at their computer or sitting on their phones.  While in some ways it brings us closer to the characters, in another way it wobbles the film. The wobble comes from the framing of the images – they are all widescreen with a single person in the shot. While we get some sense of people being in the real world, via people in the background, the film still feels static since the shots tend to be single takes. Instead of making it real world it actually makes us feel like we are watching people on a set talking to no one. As much as I was intrigued by the story, I was distanced by the presentation.

Does the presentation make the film bad? Absolutely not, but it does lessen the impact.

Should you see the film? Yes definitely. It may not rattle the pillars of heaven, but it entertains and is compelling which is infinitely more than most recent films.

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