Monday, March 25, 2024

Avoid Donnie Yen in Polar Rescue (2022) (Some Rambling thoughts)

While on a winter vacation with his family Donnie Yen's son acts up. Fed up, Yen drives off without him in the hope of teaching the kid a lesson. When he goes back five minutes later the kid is missing. A manhunt results.

This is hands down the worst Donnie Yen film I've ever seen. I hope never to see it again. (It's even worse than the film Donnie Yen personally apologized to me and Hubert about before we saw it)

The film begins by giving us a family unit we instantly don't like, the filmmakers then up the ante by having them behave badly. Not only don't we like them we kind of want them to die. I truly hated the son. As  the film shifts into the rescue mode the film things go farther off the rails as the narrative has Daddy Yen do things that make zero sense. He's just wandering randomly in the wilderness. Worse Yen is required to do things that no one who has ever had even the slightest contact with snow and ice would ever do. I mean he walks across cracking ice, jumps into a frozen river.

I've never seen a Yen film where I simply said "and then he dies" every three or four minutes.

Who wrote this? 

Actually I want to know why Yen and his family are so badly written, but all of the other characters, all the police and rescuers, are so well written. Sure they have have to do movie sort of stuff, but they actually seem like real people. 

This movie is terrible. It's so bad that it may make you rethink what you feel about Donnie Yen.  I wouldn't care, but he produced this film. WHY? What do the other producers have on him? 

No. you do not want to see this. This isn't a so bad it's fun film, this is just a bad film.

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