Saturday, March 2, 2024

Red Island (2023) Rendezvous With French Cinema 2024

Robin Campillo follows his previous 120 BPM  with this nostalgic look  back to the early 1970’s when his family was stationed in Madagascar. Following a ten year old boy who is obsessed with comics, makes a new friend and tries to sort out what is going on with the adults.  We see the world and the events surrounding his family through his eyes.

This is a nice memory play of a film. While there is a through line on some level this is more a series of set pieces connected together over time. It’s a film that plays better in a way when you see it a second time as you catch little bits from early in the film that you didn’t know were important later. I discovered this when I went back to  check something I thought I missed and saw a couple of things early on that enriched later events.

You will forgive me if I don’t say a great deal, I am still pondering the film after seeing the film a while ago. I find my reaction is not so much wanting to discuss the film, but press it into people’s hands and just have people see it for themselves.

It’s really nice film that’s worth your time.

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