Monday, March 11, 2024

Magic Mountain (2023) First Look 2024

Visually arresting portrait of a run down hospital in Georgia (the country) where patients with drug resistant TB are sent.

See this film on a big screen because the images are truly impressive. Beginning with a long drive to the hospital with an impassioned letter (which forms a narrative backbone of the whole film) the film then shifts to images of the people and places inside the hospital. It’s film that starts with us on the outside and an slowly brings us in to this place where we meet these interesting people. I was hooked from the first frame and as the film went I found myself leaning more and more into it.  I wish I was there to wander the halls to get a sense of the spaces and of the people off the edges of the screen.

This is a wonderful little gem that needs to be seen on a truly big screen.


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