Tuesday, March 12, 2024

Shorts for Tots at NYICFF 2024

A collection of nine short films geared to the younger set resulted in one young little kid being enraptured by the movies- I’ll get to that in a minute.

Three of the films are by Julia Ocker. RHINO about two rhinos getting ready for a date, BEAVER has a mouse rescuing a Beaver on deserted island and DORMOUSE about a mouse on his birthday. All are sweet little films that pivot on the notion of things going wrong.

UNRAVEL is one of the most amazing animated films I’ve seen in years. A short trifle where the character, a mouse, was sewn. It’s sweet little film that is even more amazing when you realize what it took to do it.

KONIGRI-KUN PARADE is another in the kitchen set stop motion series that has played the last few year. This time out everyone is getting ready for a parade.

RED HOUSE is a wild series of ever changing images that is just fun to watch.

BAKING WITH BORIS has a towns baker asking for help after he begins sneezing. This is a lovely little film

CATS ARE LIQUID is a clear explanation of why cats are really liquid- and if you have a cat you know this is absolutely true.

TABBY McTAT is based on a picture book. It’s the story of a buskers cat who falls in love. The longest of the films in the collection it’s an enjoyable tale told in rhyme and song. My question is why is that former Dr Who Jodie Whittaker listed way down in the cast list when she narrates the whole film and other than an off line or Rob Brydon’s song she is the only voice you hear.

During the opening minutes of the  collection a couple brought their kids into the theater. One was three or four. The other was younger. It was clearly the youngest one's first time at the movies. It was nigh impossible to move the little guy up the stairs as he was enraptured by the giant images on the screen. He then sat bug eyed on his father's lap staring at the screen. When it was done I heard dad say to his wife that they now had an answer as to whether he would sit still in a movie

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