Wednesday, March 13, 2024


Three more episodes from the UK TV series played to a packed house. 

I was talking to Nina Guralnick from the festival and she said that anything Moomins is a big hit at the festival and they are constantly trying to get really good Moomin material to screen because of the love audiences show the series.

This time out they screened HOMECOMING  which is about the people of Moominvalley going crazy because they thought Sniff was "the WIse One" a guru is telling them to be free and dance around. This results in a battle between law and order and a carefree existence. The problem is Sniff is using a book written by Moomin Papa as the source of his wisdom. AT the same time the Hattfastners have taken over Moomin Mama and Papas house and won't leave. It’s a lot of fun and takes lots of swipes at cultish behavior.

INVENTING SNORK introduces Snorkmaiden’s brother. A serious no nonsense s who only sees things in purely rational  terms. This collides with Snorkmaiden’s efforts to help Misabell feel better about herself.

MOOMIN MAMA'S FLYING DREAM  has Mama getting sick and Little Mai’s mother and her brothers and sisters moving in to help take care of her. Mai doesn’t trust her motives. Meanwhile Moomin Troll discovers that his mother wanted to fly a balloon around the world and with Snorkmaiden’s brother fixes up her balloon. This was a delightful tale.

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